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I never intended to write a blog.  I mean they are so narcissistic.  I don’t even like the word.  Sounds like an onomatopoeia for vomit:  I “blogged.”

But these days everybody is blogging about everything, and my dad always told me to write about things I know about, so here it is: A blog about seizures.

If you don’t actually have seizures, maybe you won’t find this blog particularly interesting. Or funny. You might even find it annoying.  I thought my book about seizures was kind of cool and my dad thought it was the most depressing thing he had ever read. And he writes books for a living.

I didn’t think it was depressing at all.  I guess seizures look kind of different from the outside.

I hope at least some of you will find this blog entertaining. If not, don’t worry: It won’t be the first time I have wasted my time.

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